Visual Process Innovation eBook

Visual Process Innovation eBook

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Effective March 14, 2020: In an effort to further stem the spread of COVID-19, XPLANE's employees will be working from home through the end of April. All orders are processed through our Portland Studio; please expect significant order processing and shipping delays as the health of our community and employees is our top priority. Thank you for your understanding and patience!


A healthy process is the lifeblood in any organization. It impacts everything from efficiency and quality to customer satisfaction and employee happiness. Yet despite its importance, nearly all organizations struggle to create and maintain healthy and effective processes.

Our approach is unique in that it has grown out of more than 20 years of visualizing thousands of complex processes for clients in industries including technology, retail, finance, entertainment, military, manufacturing, food, energy, and pharmaceuticals. As such, our approach is industry- and topic-agnostic, but we specialize in people-oriented processes and articulating the nuances of the human interactions that are critical to the effectiveness of any process.

We call our approach Visual Process Innovation, and it uses a framework and toolbox approach rather than a strict playbook, enabling us to be adaptive to any context. Download our Visual Process Innovation eBook to learn more.