Culture Mapping

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For Organizations or Teams. 
Up to 30 participants. 

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Culture is too important to be left intangible and described by ambiguous words like "innovative," "collaborative," or "open." That’s where culture mapping comes in.

A culture map makes the intangible tangible by answering the questions: What do we value? How should we work together? What makes people successful here? Who should we hire? What can guide us in decision making?

XPLANE offers 1-day and 2-day workshops to immerse your team in the latest thinking and tools for diagnosing and visualizing organizational culture. You will leave with a robust set of approaches for diagnosing the culture you have, co-creating the culture you want, and visualizing these ideas so the invisible can be made visible.

1-day Culture Mapping Workshop: $15,000
2-day Culture Mapping Workshop: $30,000